Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XXI

May 24, 2011

Actually, I’m taking a pass this week… I was just pointed to Limericks Économiques, which, logically enough, is a collection of limericks on economics, markets, and current events.  It is outstanding and deserves to be browsed for several minutes.


Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XIX/XX

May 17, 2011

a pair of robots
dance to exhaustion–a bug
but how they jitter

their spent, steaming frames
were not built for this, no–but
let them be repaired

Today’s mystery: Roseanne.  Brilliant!

Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XVIII

May 3, 2011

on television
today history was made
same as usual

Today’s mystery: What was behind the spread of this apocryphal quotation?  How much does the perceived moral authority of the source matter in assessing such a sentiment?

Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XVII

April 26, 2011

Desperate, shameless pitch:
Please donate to iMentor!
I’ll match two-to-one!

Today’s mystery: What is the least happy day of the week (in London, at least)?   Take a guess!  It’s buried about halfway in.

Fine print: Match applies on contributions received through April 30th, up to some high number that doesn’t render me insolvent.

Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XVI

April 19, 2011

a half-assed haiku:
this is seven syllables
followed by five more

Today’s mystery: Blog comment spam.  Thank goodness WordPress protects me from it.  What an interesting business problem.  It’s humbling to see how much of my meager “traffic” comes from spambots naively crawling the web in search of inbound traffic.  Good thing I’m doing this for my own amusement 🙂

Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XV

April 12, 2011

Who knew that haiku
could win you a blackberry
but not an ipad 😦

Today’s mystery: Whatever happened to Steve Urkel?

Tuesday: Haikus and Mysteries XIV

April 5, 2011


Today’s mystery: If one were to attempt a blind taste-test of different brands of water, how would one cleanse one’s palate between trials? (kudos to DEP and CMN)